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Lifestyle, Medicine & Ancestry - All in one Combo

Lifestyle, Medicine & Ancestry - All in one Combo

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Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and well-being with our All-in-One Genetic Insights Combo, an expansive collection of reports. This comprehensive offering empowers you to explore every facet of your genetic identity, health, and potential.

Lifestyle insights:

  1. Fitness Insights: Optimize Your Active Lifestyle

    Unleash your full athletic potential with insights from the Fitness report. Actively delve into your Sprinter gene, Lean body mass, VO2 Max, and more. Tailor your fitness regimen actively for peak performance.

  2. Nutrition and Well-Being: Nourish Your Wellness

    Nourish your well-being actively with insights from the Nutrition and Well-Being report. Actively address factors like Inflammation and Methylation. Receive a personalised meal plan, actively nourishing your body with the right foods for your genetic makeup.

  3. Weight Management: Take Control of Your Weight

    Empower yourself to take control of your weight with the Weight Management report. Actively assess your risk for Type 2 diabetes, optimize fasting insulin levels, and implement targeted strategies for sustainable weight control.

  4. Cardiovascular Health: Guard Your Heart

    Actively safeguard your heart health with insights from the Cardiovascular report. Gain awareness of your risk for hypertension and heart attacks, enabling active choices to protect your well-being.

  5. Skincare Insights: Embrace Your Radiance

    Navigate the complexities of your skin actively with Skincare Insights. Actively address factors like acne, stretch marks, cellulite, and eczema through personalised recommendations, actively enhancing your skin's health and beauty.

  6. Mental Health Insights: Find Inner Peace

    Conquer the challenges of stress, addiction, and alcohol-related issues with Mental Health Insights. Actively address mental well-being with evidence-based strategies, and take active steps towards emotional balance and empowerment.

  7. Autoimmune Insights: Manage Autoimmune Conditions

    Actively manage autoimmune conditions with insights related to conditions like hair loss, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes. Receive active guidance on addressing these concerns through tailored recommendations.

  8. Mindfulness Insights: Enhance Your Mindfulness

    Enhance your mindfulness actively with insights into personality, behaviors, anxiety, sleep, and trust. Actively cultivate mindfulness practices aligned with your genetic profile for improved well-being.

  9. Metabolic Insights: Optimize Your Metabolism

    Optimize your metabolism actively with insights into Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, risk for celiac disease, and gout. Make active choices that support metabolic health based on your genetic insights.

Ancestry insights:

  1. Ancestry: Trace Your Roots

    Embark on a captivating journey through your genetic history with our Ancestry report. Actively trace your family's lineage and uncover the captivating stories of your ancestors. Embrace the uniqueness of your genetic heritage actively.

  2. Traits: Discover Your Unique Self

    Unveil what makes you uniquely you with insights from the Traits report. Actively explore traits related to intelligence, memory, pair bonding, and sociability. Celebrate the diversity of your genetic makeup actively.

Personalised medicine:

  1. Pharmacogenetics Insights: Personalised Medication Guidance

    Benefit from active insights into 1,500 gene drug interactions with our Pharmacogenetics report. Make informed decisions about medication tailored to your genetic profile.

The All-in-One Genetic Insights Combo is your comprehensive gateway to a life of active self-discovery and empowerment. It's an extraordinary voyage that empowers you to make active choices, embrace your genetic heritage, and craft a life that resonates with your true self.

Unlock the potential of your genetic identity with our All-in-One Genetic Insights Combo. Start your journey of self-discovery, wellness, and empowerment today.

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BioCertica uses end-to-end encryption to securely lock away your DNA information.

Secure. Private. For your eyes only.

Let's talk about security. With end-to-end encryption you can sleep easy at night knowing that only you sit on the keys to unlock and share your information.

What can I expect from the Lifestyle, Medicine & Ancestry - All in one Combo?

Here are some of the kit highlights

Through the DNA test, you will receive a detailed report about your genetic traits and the best ways to maximise them through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. This DNA test can help you make healthy choices regarding your fitness, diet, beauty regimen, exercise routine, and sleep patterns.

What's included in my results?

Nutrition & Well-being:
Iron overload risk
Vitamin A, B12, B6, C, D, E
Risk for the ineffectiveness of omega-3 supplementation
Ability to manage blood triglycerides (omega-3)
Inflammation (CRP)
Inflammation (IL-6)
Post-meal insulin response
Insulin sensitivity
Fasting insulin
Ability to remove chemicals in smoked and charred meats
Resistance to cockroach allergy
Estrogen levels
Fat taste
Gluten sensitivity
Risk of hay fever
Gut microbiota

Risk for osteoporosis
Triglyceride response to exercise
Pain sensitivity
Risk for tendinopathy
Risk for hip and knee osteoarthritis
Body fat percentage
Lean body mass
Hand grip strength
Testosterone levels
Growth hormone levels
Insulin-like growth factor 1 levels
Hemoglobin concentration
LV stroke volume

Weight Management:
Sugar intake
Post-meal insulin response
Insulin sensitivity
Fasting insulin
Resting metabolic rate
Portion size
Leptin levels

Skin Care
Risk for developing acne
Antioxidant enzymes
Vitamin A (skincare related)
Vitamin B12 (skincare related)
Vitamin B6 (skincare related)
Vitamin C (skincare related)
Vitamin D (skincare related)
Vitamin E (skincare related)
Folate (skincare related)
Risk for developing freckles
Omega 3 and omega 6
Protection against Rosacea
Advanced glycation end products
Protection from developing stretch marks
Tanning ability
Risk of developing varicose veins
Superficial cellulitis and abcess

Risk of atrial fibrillation
Caffeine metabolite levels
HDL ("good") cholesterol
LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels
Triglyceride levels
Risk of a heart attack
Ability to manage blood triglycerides (omega-3)
Risk of PAD
Risk of venous thrombosis
T-peak to T-end interval change
Risk for hypertension (high blood pressure)

Earwax type
Body odor
Straight and/or thick hair
Long-term, logical memory
Working memory
Pair bonding
Rheumatoid arthritis joint injury risk

Mental Health:
Cognitive performance
Stress resilience
Chronotype measurement
Daytime sleepiness
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
Alcohol intake
Alcohol dependence
Nicotine dependence
Cannabis dependence
Cocaine dependence

BioCertica introduces a pharmacogenetics test that tests for more than 2000 genetic variants.

What is the science behind it?

BioCertica provides genetic reports for over 150 traits for which it assesses the genetic predisposition based on peer-reviewed scientific studies. These traits are distributed across multiple topic-based packages, but you can read more about this in previous sections.

The critical question we want to answer here is how we estimate the genetic predisposition for those 150 traits. We are proud to inform you that we are the first African-based direct-to-consumer genetic testing company to estimate genetic predisposition to various traits and diseases using the polygenic risk scoring methodology. Click here to continue reading.

The results have become a key factor in developing a weight loss protocol as weight management is crucial in Olympic Weightlifting.

Zach Snyman - Commonwealth Weightlifting Athlete.

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