100% personalised nutrition based on your genetics

TAILORBLEND's delicious everyday blend contains all the goodness your body deserves for healthy ageing.

With TAILORBLEND you get a 100% personalised nutritional supplement formulated just for you based on your genetic results. One complete daily supplement containing all the nutrients you need and none that you don't.

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  • Eliminate the doubt through taking the wrong stuff.

    Eliminate doubt

    With data-driven nutrient selection, we take the guessing out of your hands and give you just what you need, nothing less.

  • With TAILORBLEND you can spend less and get more for your money when it comes to wellness.

    Save costs

    One blend typically contains 11 different ingredients and replaces up to ±5 different genetic products on the market.

  • Trust me, your heart will love you forever.

    Improve your health

    Take action by improving your health in a tasty and enjoyable way with only one scoop a day!

  • Do I need a BioCertica test? No, any DNA test will actually work.

    Step 1

    Buy ANY of the BioCertica DNA test kits, here.

    Your nutrients are selected based on all 40 000 genetic variations (SNPs) tested in your DNA regardless of which DNA test kit you have purchased.

  • Log in to one of our B2B partners using your BioCertica account.

    Step 2

    You will be notified when your results are ready to be viewed in the BioCertica app.

    *results may take up to 6-8 weeks

  • Let BioCertica do the heavy lifting and figure out which nutrition, supplements, and medicine is right for you. It's like a personal Netflix but for wellness products.

    Step 3

    Log in with BioCertica on the TAILORBLEND website OR click below. TAILORBLEND will create a unique blend based on your DNA.


Already have your BioCertica results?

TailorBlend's personalised nutrition based on your DNA results.

Simply log in with BioCertica on the TAILORBLEND website and follow the prompts to access your 100% personalised blend with TAILORBLEND. 

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Own a different DNA company's results?

Why not use our free DNA upload feature to add your existing raw DNA data from your DNA test provider, like AncestryDNA | 23andMe | MyHeritage or other.

*Third-party DNA upload results may differ from BioCertica DNA results due to using different methodologies: BioCertica uses cutting edge Polygenic Risk Score methodology.

Looking to join the BioCertica Practitioners Network?

Diagnose in minutes with BioCertica. Join the Practitioners Network and enable your practice to look into the future.

Why choose BioCertica?

BioCertica is the first African-based Direct-to-Consumer genetics company to introduce cutting-edge Polygenic Risk Scoring (PRS) methodology to generate DNA test results. 

It's like watching TV in HD to watching in 4K - we now test over 40 000 genetic variations (SNPs) from your DNA to estimate your genetic risk towards certains traits and diseases.

"I highly recommend a TAILORBLEND & BioCertica personalised supplement for anyone serious about their health."

- Dr Riaan Conradie (PhD)