Healthy ageing starts by understanding your DNA.

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Wellness focussed.

A list of items you should eat, and avoid based on your DNA.

Understand what to eat, and what medicine works for you.

Unique to BioCertica

Let us do the heavy lifting, and tell you what food should go into your shopping basket. 🛒

Healthy and nutritious recipes compiled by accredited BioCertica nutritionists, all based on what your needs.

Control is yours.

Privacy is a human right, and you always control who has access.

POPIA, GDPR, we’ve got you covered.

Securely share your results with anyone inside or outside of BioCertica to help adjust your nutrition, training, or lifestyle.

Control who has access to your data based on consent driven approvals. 🕵️

It's your data, we just secure it.

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Did you know?

The first human genome sequenced cost $3 billion and lasted more than 13 years. - The human genome project.

Ten years ago it cost approximately $10,000.

Today that price is around $100.

BioCertica genotypes your DNA which results in more than 2 million biomarkers of valuable information.

BioCertica vs. our Competitors

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‘Wow! I am absolutely floored by the detailed representation of ME!’

- Tamaryn Leigh Buchner