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Why not use our free DNA upload feature to add your existing raw DNA data from your DNA test provider, like AncestryDNA 23andMe MyHeritage or other.

*Third-party DNA upload results may differ from BioCertica DNA results due to using different methodologies: BioCertica uses cutting edge Polygenic Risk Score methodology.

Have you already done a DNA test? Consult with one of our practitioners and get personal recommendations on your health goals.

Your BioCertica DNA Dashboard

Biocertica is your very own DNA dashboard where you can learn more about your genetics based on the latest science.

Categories include: Your Traits, Mental Health, Cardiovascular, Fitness, Nutrition & Well-being.

Your information secured through end-to-end encryption

Dig deeper into your genes

Transparency is core of our product. Your reports will include a summary of each study with a scientific reliability score so that you can learn where science is taking us.

Understanding DNA can be a complex thing, and getting the most out of your results can sometimes need that personal touch. That's why we have work with certified practitioners to provide a holistic approach to healthy ageing.

Gain better insights

Get trait and genetic updates throughout your journey with BioCertica.

Get your in-depth reports on Mental Health, Cardiovascular, Nutrition & Well-being.

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Why choose BioCertica?

BioCertica is the first African-based Direct-to-Consumer genetics company to introduce cutting-edge Polygenic Risk Scoring (PRS) methodology to generate DNA test results. 

It's like watching TV in HD to watching in 4K - we now test over 40 000 genetic variations (SNPs) from your DNA to estimate your genetic risk towards certains traits and deseases.

Our most popular DNA kits

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‘Wow! I am absolutely floored by the detailed representation of ME!’

- Tamaryn Leigh Buchner