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It is no secret that Single Gene technology and Pathway Genetics today do not stack up to a Multigene approach, more commonly known as Pollegenic Risk Scoring.

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The future of medicine is personalized and predictive.

BioCertica is the first African company to use the Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) methodology to generate detailed Multigene reports. PRS a superior reporting standard to Single Gene or Pathway Genetics and generates much higher-resolution reports. This technology enables you, as a practitioner, a tool to tailor a personalized prevention plan with much greater confidence for your patients. With BioCertica as your PRS partner, you can access state-of-the-art, personalized insights to enable your clients to live healthier lives.

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BioCertica's mobile-first solutions allow you to spend more time with the patient. More time with patients allow higher retention and patient satisfaction rates. BioCertica's intuitive platform design effortlessly collects all relevant patient information before your appointment. It displays data in an easy-to-understand manner, saving time when preparing for your session with the patient.

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We offer an in-depth, free, CPD-approved course tailored by geneticists, consultants, and fellow practitioners to get you up to speed and enrich your expertise with PRS genomics insights.

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