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Overwhelmed with confusing health information in lifestyle magazines, fad diets and trendy workouts that just don’t work for you? Have allergies you don't know the root cause of? Wondering about the regions and cultures your ancestors came from? The answer is in your DNA and we are here to help you understand it.

We discovered a better way to test DNA. At BioCertica, all it takes is ONE sample!
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Now you can consult experts to get personalized interpretation and advice based on your genetic results.

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BioCertica Vault

Your identity is valuable and should be safeguarded. The BioCertica Vault is a promise of safety - a secure platform where you can store your genetic information with a peace of mind.


"It is amazing to have such a vast range of information of oneself available through only a DNA swab. The entire process of BioCertica was fast and professional and the staff were very helpful. I would recommend BioCertica to anybody who would has always wanted to have their DNA analysis done and is looking for a simple and easy way to have it done."

Josh Landsberg

"BioCertica's DNA analysis process is user-friendly, investment-worthy, and customer-centric. The BioCertica App continues to add value by updating your genetic summary as and when new insights become available. Your genetic results might be fixed, but your genetic knowledge can evolve over time. Thanks to the BioCertica Kit, I can take well-informed steps at bettering my lifestyle."