Gene Help Fund Community Project

The Gene Help Fund is our corporate social responsibility initiative where for every BioCertica DNA box returned; we contribute to the Inani Startwell Foundation to aid in combating child stunting in South Africa.

For every BioCertica DNA box returned, we'll contribute to the Inani Startwell Foundation.

Gene Help Fund: Inani Startwell Foundation

One in three children in South Africa is considered stunted. Child stunting is a preventable condition.

It’s a sad reality that in South Africa, children are most often the worst affected by poverty. By partnering with the Inani Startwell Foundation, we aim to assist in child stunting across South Africa.

The Inani StartWell Foundation's primary focus is to combat malnutrition and child stunting by designing, manufacturing & providing nutrient-rich morning meals.

Inani Startwell Foundation

At BioCertica, we believe the children of South Africa are the future of our nation, and we need to play our part in looking after those who cannot fend for themselves.