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At BioCertica we enable you to live your best life by providing wellness advice at the point of purchase. Wellness is a combination of micro-transactions throughout a person's life, and these actions require you to know what to eat, what medication to take, and what exercises to do. BioCertica empowers you to not only dream about wellness but achieve it. 

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The medicine of the future is personalized and predictive. BioCertica is the first African company to use Polygenic Risk Score methodology to generate detailed reports that will inform your patients about genetic risk to various conditions and help them in prevention. PRS allows practitioners to provide state-of-the-art, personalized insights to patients and enable them to live healthier lives.

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The Gene Help Fund is our corporate social responsibility initiative where for every BioCertica DNA box returned; we contribute to the Inani Startwell Foundation to aid in combating child stunting in South Africa.

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