Pharmacogenetics report: List of articles

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As we have recently released our brand new product - the pharmacogenetics report, it is normal to expect questions raised from users with regards to pharmacogenetics. Therefore, we prepared a series of short articles you can read and find everything you need to know about pharmacogenetics. 

1. Pharmacogenetics: An Introduction. Learn more about what pharmacogenetics is and how it works and transforms modern healthcare through multiple benefits.
2. Everything you need to know about pharmacogenetics reports. We expect that you will come up with many questions regarding our new product. Therefore, we made our own compilation of frequently asked questions about pharmacogenetics with answers provided. 
3. Welcome to the Future: Personalized Medicine.This article explains what the future of medicine is, not only through pharmacogenetics but also through the integration of AI into modern healthcare units. 
4. Why should you try our pharmacogenetics report? Find out what makes our pharmacogenetics unique and outstanding on the market and how it differs from what you could find in our competitors.
5. What is ATC system, and how do we classify drugs in our report? When you look at your pharmacogenetics test results, you will find that drugs are classified into multiple drug categories and classes. This article explains exactly how we classify drugs in our reports. 
6. How to navigate through pharmacogenetics report on the practitioner portal. Finally, if you are a practitioner or healthcare professional whose job is to go through your client's report and help them understand their results and what action they should take, then this article is for you.
7. Is it worth doing a pharmacogenetics test?. An article answering any doubts one may have about whether to purchase a pharmacogenetics test or not. 
8. Explaining Results in the PGx report: Heterozygous Genotypes. A short article helping you understand genetics part of your results.
9. Pharmacogenetics Glossary. List of pharmacogenetics terms we use in our report. 

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