BioCertica October 2022 Release: Updates and Improvements

BioCertica October 2022 Release: Updates and Improvements

BioCertica Content Team

At BioCertica we aim to improve our products continuously. In addition to releasing new products, we are committed to ensuring that our current products reflect the most recent research. 

This month, we would like to announce the latest product updates related to personalised meal plan improvements, and most excitingly our updated mobile-app look and feel. 

Personalised Meal Plans 

BioCertica Personalised Meal Plans

All new and improved! Update your BioCertica app to see your personalized nutrition and meals. Based on your genetic results, we have placed you into one of 7 broad diet groups. With this improved feature you will have access to the following:

  • Overview of the diet group that best suites your genetic compositions 
  • What micronutrients should you focus on including and the best food sources for these 
  • What to minimize (food and lifestyle factors) 
  • Standard shopping lists
  •  Variety of recipes  

Read more about how to use this feature here. To get even more benefits from this feature, book a session with one of our trained practitioners!


Mobile App Improvements

Nutrition & Ancestry Updated look and feel

With our meal plan feature update, we’ve given our app a facelift. 

Ensure you’ve updated your mobile app from your app store, and you’ll see an improved look on your Ancestry results, as well as Nutrition & Wellbeing results. 

Update your mobile app on your app store:


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