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DNA-based Wellness Solutions

Understanding what to eat can better your lifestyle

A DNA test can determine certain genetic variations that affect how the body metabolizes nutrients, which can impact overall nutrition and well-being. These genetic variations can influence how the body processes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, as well as how efficiently it absorbs certain vitamins and minerals. Understanding these genetic variations can help individuals make more informed choices about their diet and lifestyle.

For example, someone with a genetic predisposition to difficulty metabolizing carbohydrates may benefit from a lower-carbohydrate diet. Implementing the results of a DNA test into one's lifestyle can involve making targeted dietary and lifestyle changes based on personalized genetic insights, leading to potential improvements in overall nutrition and well-being.

Personalised Meal Plans & More

A game changer for your health eating journey! 

The Nutrition & Well-being kit provides everything you need to make better informed decisions about what to eat based on your genetic data, we place you into one of eight general diet groups. The group you are in can give you insight into what foods you should focus on including in your diet and some foods to try an minimize in your diet.

For your convenience we have bundled these recommendations into a go-to shopping list and we give you a variety of delicious and easy recipes that suited to your genetic needs. To get even more out this kit, you can easily book a session with one of our trained dieticians.

Better Understand Your Body

How DNA testing can help you understand your nutrient metabolism

Have you sat amongst a group of people, compared yourself to them, and thought your diets and health don’t add up? Why does it seem like some people cannot eat little enough to lose weight while others seem unable to pick up weight? Why are some people always sick while others never even get a cold?

Diet and nutritional needs are not “one-size-fits-all”. Our bodies are unique, and everything (including our metabolism) is affected by our genetic makeup. Subsequently, our nutritional needs are different. Genetic testing can give you a comprehensive overview of your nutrient needs based on how your body metabolizes them.

Implementing Your Results

Speak to a Professional

BioCertica's mobile-first solutions allow practitioners to spend more time with You, the patient.

BioCertica's intuitive platform design effortlessly collects all relevant patient information and lets your practitioner view it before your session.

Now practitioners can save time and plan your session in advance.

Our Testing Methaodology

PRS - The better choice

The more traditionally used method is the single–gene analysis approach which gives information on a few genetic variants at a time. However, complex traits are not determined by a few genetic variants but rather by hundreds to thousands of genetic variants. Therefore, PRS is a more advanced method approach because it takes all of the hundreds to thousands of SNPs that are associated with the trait of interest into account and calculates a single net effect.

To put this simply, the single gene approach is like trying to figure out the picture from a few random pieces of a puzzle, whereas PRS gives you all the pieces of the puzzle put together so you can see the image very clearly.

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