To save a life - donate blood

To save a life - donate blood

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Donating blood is a selfless act in which individuals choose to sacrifice about half a litre of their blood. The purpose of donating blood is to save one of the millions of lives of people that lose fatal amounts of blood in surgeries or accidents. Some diseases may also necessitate blood transfusions.  

Countless life-saving surgeries cannot happen without blood transfusions. Without human blood, numerous medical interventions are unable to be executed. There is no artificial or alternative substitute for human blood, and without blood, there cannot be life. 

For someone that is old enough, weighs at least 50 kg, and is in good health, there are no risks involved with donating blood. Within two weeks, your body replaces all the blood you lost through the donation. 

However, even though you may be healthy, your iron levels are of important consideration.  Before you are allowed to donate blood, your iron levels will first be tested to determine whether they are high enough. Your blood pressure will also be checked to make sure it is not too low. 

If you are genetically predisposed to low iron levels but would like to donate blood, you must ensure that you eat enough iron-rich foods. On the other hand - if you have the genetic condition that causes your boy to store too much iron (hemochromatosis, or iron overload), donating blood may save your life while saving the life of someone else. 

The World Health Organization honors blood donors each year on the 14th of June. The day is to create awareness of the need for blood and to give recognition to all the selfless individuals who have donated their blood. 

Let BioCertica help you this year on World Blood Donor Day - our DNA Nutrition and Wellbeing test will tell you whether you may need extra dietary iron if you want to donate blood or whether you should donate blood to prevent the toxic buildup of iron in your blood. 

BioCertica honors every person that has donated blood - you have saved a life, and we thank you!

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