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Pharmacogenetics Report: A Guide for Practitioners

BioCertica Content Team

A few years ago, it was as simple as your doctor matching medications to your specific symptoms. However, now all of a sudden, we realize that prescribing medicine requires the consideration of more factors. Your genes determine the efficacy of medications and whether you may experience adverse side effects. Here we introduce pharmacogenetics report.

Thankfully, with research and technology advancing, there are numerous pharmacogenetics reports to buy to tell you which medications will be better or worse suited to you. However, pharmacogenetics is a new and foreign concept, and you already know how to choose the best test.

Our pharmacogenetics report

To help make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of facts on what BioCertica’s pharmacogenetics report offers. 

We test for over 2000 genetic variants that have established gene-drug interactions. We thus cover the largest number of medications since other pharmacogenomic reports on the market only cover about 190 gene-drug interactions. Therefore, BioCertica’s report is the most likely to benefit you, no matter what your condition is or what medication you use/need.

BioCertica is the first company to present results via an app. There are a few reasons why this benefits you as a user. 

Firstly, research and knowledge become outdated quickly. At BioCertica, we strive to keep all our tests up to date with the latest literature. Because we use an app, we will update your results at no extra cost to you whatsoever. 

With the overwhelming amount of information to provide on over 2000 gene-drug interactions, the app allows you to sift through all your results effortlessly and swiftly. This way, you can avoid getting entangled in an overload of information while still having it all available.

Results in the form of an app ensure you never lose your report. Furthermore, your results are protected from being viewed by unwanted eyes. All information is secure and protected according to POPIA and GDPR standards. You have complete control over your data. 

Not only are your results on your app, but they are also available to your  practitioner via our Practitioner’s Portal. This way, you can safely, securely, and efficiently share your fully detailed results with your doctor to get further expert interpretation and application. This also allows them to get hold of more information to use and consider when treating you. We have a network of trained practitioners you can find on your app. 


With BioCertica’s pharmacogenetics report, you are guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck with results that will take you the furthest. Take control of your health - get the information your doctor needs to help you get the most effective treatment. 

*Disclaimer: The term “drug” in the above article refers to a chemical substance used to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent a disease or condition. Alternatives for this term include medication, pharmaceutical or therapeutic agent. In this context, “drug” does not refer to any type of illegal stimulant or recreational drug.

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Written by: Jonine Moller, M.Sc. in Sport Science

Peer-reviewed by: Edin Hamzić, Ph.D. in Genetics, Chief Science Officer


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