Using DNA Mindfulness to Unlock Key Traits for Informed Career Decisions

Using DNA Mindfulness to Unlock Key Traits for Informed Career Decisions

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Did you know that you could use DNA testing to better understand predisposed behaviours and traits? In the realm of career counselling, helping individuals make informed decisions about their professional paths is of paramount importance. Recognizing the significance of personalized guidance, BioCertica introduces the DNA Mindfulness kit. It's a groundbreaking resource that combines DNA testing and mindfulness practices. This provides career counsellors and individuals with invaluable insights into traits and tendencies on a genetic level. It allows one to work together with a professional, to find their best fit in the working world.

The BioCertica DNA Mindfulness Kit is here to guide you every step of the way. It provides a better understanding of sleep duration, the ability to trust someone and levels of anxiety. Within this kit, there are four main categories: emotional well-being, social interactions, behavior and resilience, and personal well-being. These categories encompass various traits and behaviors.

Now, lets delve into the specific traits and behaviours:

Emotional well-being

One crucial aspect evaluated is emotional well-being, including levels of worry or anxiety experienced by individuals. This insight helps career counsellors give tailored guidance to reduce stress, and suggest calming, secure employment paths. Additionally, understanding nervousness levels helps identify suitable work environments that align with an individual's ability to manage pressure and uncertainty, fostering a sense of ease and confidence. By gauging an individual's overall happiness, counsellors can steer clients towards career paths that align with their sources of joy. Above all, this leads to greater fulfilment and contentment.

Social traits 

Moving on, social interactions and communication are among the traits assessed in the DNA Mindfulness kit. Understanding the level of satisfaction individuals experience in their friendships helps counsellors and clients identify work environments that promote healthy social connections and collaboration. In addition, assessing someone's interest in social or leisure activities helps suggest careers with fitting opportunities for engagement and personal fulfillment. By exploring an individual’s predisposition to extraversion and identifying social communication impairments allows one to suggest careers that accommodate an individual's communication needs, providing a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Resilience behaviours 

Moreover, this kit also delves into behaviour and resilience traits. Guaging an individual's predisposition towards risk-taking behaviour informs career counsellors about suitable career paths that align with an individual's appetite for challenges and entrepreneurial endeavours. Additionally, evaluating conscientiousness helps identify clients' organizational and self-discipline skills, enabling counsellors to recommend professions that value reliability and attention to detail. Understanding an individual's psychological resilience aids in suggesting careers that allow for personal growth, adaptability, and the ability to overcome setbacks and challenges.

Personal well-being

Finally, personal well-being traits are also considered in the DNA Mindfulness kit. Assessing sleep duration provides career counsellors with insights into an individual's well-being and the importance of work-life balance, allowing them to recommend careers that promote healthy sleep patterns. Understanding an individual's susceptibility to fatigue helps counsellors recommend career paths that align with their energy levels and work-life harmony. Moreover, assessing emotional states such as feeling guilty, miserable, or irritable assists in identifying career environments that minimize triggers and promote positive emotional well-being.


In conclusion, integrating DNA insights into career counselling practices offers numerous benefits. Therefore career counsellors can provide individualized career exploration based on emotional well-being and social inclinations. As a result, this helps clients find careers that align with their happiness and promote work-life balance. Thus, by embracing the power of DNA testing and mindfulness practices, career counsellors and clients can work together on an empowering career journey.

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Written by Erica Donzella, BHSc.Honours in Medical Cell Biology

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