Your DNA’s Role in Nervousness

Your DNA’s Role in Nervousness

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Do your genes hold the secret to your jittery nerves? In a world where mental health is becoming more and more focused on, scientists have taken the opportunity to investigate our genetic blueprint in order to uncover the connection between your genes and traits such as nervousness. 

First of all, what is nervousness or nerves and how is it different from anxiety? Nervousness or nerves does not have a clinical definition as it is not a formal medical condition, but it has been described as that jittery feeling you get right before you do something stressful. Anxiety, however, is a symptom of a formal medical condition in which worried thoughts, feelings of tensions and physical changes are triggered. Nerves subside after the stressful event has passed, however anxiety tends to persist or comes up spontaneously. 

So, nervousness, why is it that some people seem to breeze through high-pressure situations while others’ knees tend to want to buckle from the nerves? Part of that answer is in our genes! Some of us are genetically more likely to experience nerves than others. 

Being aware of your genetic predisposition to feeling nervous allows you to focus on exploring ways to manage yourself in situations where nervousness is triggered. Use your knowledge as motivation to apply techniques to prepare more or experiment with helpful relaxation techniques. Nervousness does not have to get the better of anyone. 

Knowing your genetic predisposition to getting nervous might be just the thing you need to take that extra edge off. If you are aware that you are naturally inclined to experience a rapid heart beat, sweaty palms, and a dry mouth, it can help you accept it as a normal reaction and not a sign that something is wrong. In the process, some of your stress may decrease. If your nervousness starts to overwhelm you and interfere with your functioning and performance, consult with your doctor. 

Become more self-aware and find out your genetic predisposition to nervousness here!


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