World Obesity Day 4 March 2023

World Obesity Day 4 March 2023

BioCertica Content Team

The World Obesity Day campaign started in 2015 and is held annually on the 4th of March to create awareness and catalyze efforts to reverse the global obesity crisis. 

Obesity is a significant health problem that is made light of too easily. Obesity is the risk factor most strongly associated with chronic low-grade systemic inflammation. In turn, inflammation goes hand-in-hand with the development of insulin resistance and is at the root of cardiovascular diseases. 

Contrary to the stigma, obesity is not the result of simply overeating. In many cases, the development of obesity is complex and multifactorial. An interplay of many factors contributes to the development of obesity; it is not simply the result of just overeating. A multitude of factors may cause overeating. 

While the quality of diet and the types of foods regularly consumed is the most important consideration, other factors such as stress, psychological influences, physical activity, hormones, and genetics all play a role in the development of obesity.

Genetics can predispose individuals to become overweight and obese in many ways. By testing your genetic makeup, you can get invaluable insight into which factors you should target to reach and maintain a healthy weight. BioCertica is passionate about preventative health care; therefore, we have recently upgraded our weight management DNA kit to give you a deeper insight into why you may struggle with your weight.


For the sake of the world’s metabolic health and cardiovascular risk, it is crucial to counteract obesity. The first-line intervention is to increase the intake of vegetables and whole foods and majorly cut back on fast foods, sugar-containing foods, processed foods and refined carbohydrates. Other contributing factors can be determined and targeted by having your genes tested.

Join the World Obesity campaign and BioCertica in embracing preventative health care for your and your children’s benefit!



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