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Social Interaction, Well-being, and Genetics: A Path to Fulfillment

BioCertica Content Team

Attending social activities may seem like a luxury or even a waste of time for some, but research shows it may be significant for our well-being. Our health and brain function may benefit from social interaction. 

Humans are social beings, and although some may thrive on alone time, we all need contact with others. Engaging with friends or even just acquaintances who share common interests may have multiple benefits. 

Going to the local gym, sports club, pub, social club, religious group, adult education classes, or other social/group gatherings may contribute to our social tanks. All of these activities enable you to interact with others, meet people, encounter new thoughts or ideas, and share laughter.

Undoubtedly, some people find it easier and more enjoyable to attend any social gathering. Some may also need to reside socially more often than others. There is no right or wrong or better where any of this is concerned. Your genes may be the reason for these differences between individuals.

However, suppose you realise that you never get out of the house other than going to work and you don’t have hobbies or relaxed social interactions with other people. In that case, exploring some activities outside the house may be a good idea. The good news is there is no right or wrong type of socialising.

To meet more people, get out more, and have more social interactions, start by getting involved in an activity or interest you enjoy and join a relevant club. By doing things you want, you are bound to meet like-minded people.

The fullness of life depends on much more than work success. Add colour to your life by attending social activities or groups. Your genetics play a role in how social you are likely to be. This poses no problem as long as you have a full social tank and engage in activities you enjoy. Try to get out at least once a week. 

Of course, no genetic test will tell you whether you get out or not. A genetic test will show you whether you are living according to your inborn nature and whether you may need something you are not giving yourself for whatever reason. If you want to find your genetic predisposition for attending social/leisure activities, you can try out our DNA mindfullness package.

Written by: Jan Vorster M.Eng (Biomedical), B.Eng (Mechanical)


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