Happiness Genetics: Is Your Joy Rooted in Your DNA?

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Defining the happiness: Beyond the dictionary

What is happiness? Well I could give you a Webster dictionary answer but what's the point in that? Yes, it means positive emotions that we associate with pleasurable activities. So what does happiness mean to you? And what does your DNA have to do with? 

The subjectivity of joy: Why happiness varies?

Now, we can't objectively measure happiness, as it's inherently subjective. However, we can define it as the ability to find joy in life's small pleasures and maintain a general sense of peace. As a rule of thumb, when we feel happy, we are somewhat free of stress, any feelings of heaviness, fear, or sadness. To feel happy is to be grateful and content with what you have, and have the energy to live your life fully and with joy. We all experience happy moments just as we go through circumstances that cause struggles and feelings that push happiness aside. Therefore, environmental factors, our mindset, and various other elements influence our overall mental state.

The Genetic Connection: Are We Born to Be Happy or Sad?

Although life is full of ups and downs, our general happiness may be engraved in your genes.Research firmly establishes a significant genetic component in depression and anxiety, with general happiness often considered as their opposite.Therefore it makes sense that our genes can also dictate our happiness. Although our genes can help us understand ourselves better and help us to have grace with ourselves, we do not have to fall victim to our genes.

Embracing Happiness: Practical Steps and Overcoming Genetic Tendencies

If you are lucky enough to be more inclined to happiness then half your work is done but nobody is fully immune to the dips of life. However, if your genes make you less inclined to be happy, then you will likely have to prioritize nurturing what makes you happy. Regardless of your genetic predisposition towards general happiness, take actions to embrace happiness. Finding happiness is a personal journey. Somethings you can try include cultivating positive relationships, practicing gratitude, pursuing meaningful goals, maintaining good physical and mental health.

Whatever may come between you and your happiness - we all deserve and can have the best of what life offers. Take matters into your control by learning about your defaults. It’s very normal to feel down occasionally, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. We don’t have to fall victim to anything that tries to steal our joy.

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