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DNA Mindfulness: Use Cases

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BioCertica’s new DNA Mindfulness kit will empower you with the knowledge and understanding to reach your full potential. When developing this kit, much thought went into how it could be used by different people in different phases of life. Here is a brief description of this kit can be helpful in different scenarios. 

  • Self-awareness: Nobody knows you better than you know yourself but you could learn more about who you are at a fundamental level. When you know where these traits come from genetically, you will be more prepared to cope with them or use them to maximize your potential. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses at a genetic level will put you in a position for personal growth, self- reflection, better self-talk and expectation management. 
  • Student: From primary school to university, this genetic test can give you the foundation to help you improve many aspects of life in an education setting. This includes improving sleep for better focus, improving friendships, maximizing productivity, and putting you in a position to cope better in exam and test situations. 
  • Parent: As a parent, have you ever wanted a cheat-sheet for understanding your children? While with the DNA Mindfulness kit, that is what you will be getting. With this test you will be able to better understand your child’s innate behavior, strengths and weaknesses and this could be a very useful guide to help you approach parenting your child. 
  • Teacher: Understanding how a student is likely to focus in class, develop friendships and cope with stress and anxiety is very powerful for a teacher. Knowing a students’ genetic predispositions to these traits will indicate to a teacher which students might need more support with making friends, communicating and for coping better in a school day.
  • The working person: In a work environment, understanding your genetic predisposition to these traits will help elevate you to success in your career. You can improve sleep for better focus and productivity, improve ability to communicate and maintain relationships with co-workers or clients and cope better in stressful situations. 
  • Partners: A better understanding of your partner will help to be more forgiving of certain traits while also providing a platform to work together so that you support each other. 
  • Therapist: Although these traits are not diagnostic of any mental conditions, they are useful in a therapy session as they give insight into the bigger picture of who you are. This understanding could aid a therapist in their treatments and advice. 
  • Career counseling: The DNA Mindfulness kit includes traits that are related to personality and behaviors which could indicate someone's most suitable career path. For those applying for university, this is a valuable tool in helping them choose their future.  

Mindfulness and self-awareness are vital aspects throughout all areas of life. So how do you think you will use the DNA Mindfulness kit to reach your true potential? 

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