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DNA Mindfulness Kit: Self-Awareness in your Relationship

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Self-awareness is a key aspect of a healthy relationship. Being self-aware allows you to reflect on your actions and feelings. Additionally, it will allow you to identifying and communicating your needs to your partner. Self-awareness also results  in being understanding and empathetic of your partner's needs, thus promoting clarity in your relationship.

Genes make us who we are

A significant amount of individual diversity in personality traits may be explained by your genetic makeup. Plomin proposed a theory that “genes make us who we are by influencing how we interact with the world around us, driving the way we select, modify and even create our environment” (Plomin, 2018). Therefore, genetics has a major role in how we interact with our surroundings.

Increased self-awareness

BioCertica’s DNA mindfulness package will help you increase your self-awareness. This package will reveal the genetic predispositions of your personality, perceptions, experiences, feelings, and physical, behavioral and emotional needs.

Sharing your strengths and weaknesses with your partner can benefit your relationship. There will be a greater understanding between each other. BioCertica brings forth certain traits in the mindfulness package that will allow you to reflect on yourself and communicate with your partner.

Mindfulness traits

Communication is essential in a healthy relationship. Knowing your social communication impairment allows you and your partner to try and better your interaction skills. Being mindful of your predisposition of your ability to confide in your partner and your level of friendship satisfaction will allow you to build and maintain your relationship. Being aware of your sociability (extraversion) and potential social challenges, such as attending social or leisure activities will help you and your partner understand your level of socializing. 

You and your partner's emotional well-being is important to continually be aware of in a relationship. You can enhance your psychological resilience together if you are aware of your predisposition to feeling worried or anxious, or your general happiness levels. You and your partner can seek out coping mechanisms and work on it together. 

Being aware of you and your partner's energy levels and how much rest you are predisposed to require allows you to communicate your needs. It allows you to adjust your daily lifestyle to focus on things like your diet and exercise routine that can help with your sleeping patterns. 

BioCertica allows you to increase your self-awareness and apply that knowledge to create a healthier work environment. You can find the BioCerticas kit that includes the mindfulness package here. Visit our website for more information.


Written by Lomari Geertsema, MMedSc. Human Molecular Biology.

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