DNA Mindfulness Kit: Increase your Self-Awareness as a Working Person

DNA Mindfulness Kit: Increase your Self-Awareness as a Working Person

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As a working person, being self-aware can be very empowering. Self-awareness has been defined as the “conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires” by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). It is the ability to objectively evaluate yourself, your emotions, and your behaviours. It is also understanding how others perceive you, in addition to reflecting on how others are feeling and behaving (Betz, 2022). In the workplace, people who are self-aware reflect on their leadership skills and strive to contribute better to the team (Carden, Jones and Passmore, 2021; Eatough, 2022).

Your genetic blueprint explains a large portion of the individual variation of personality traits. The Plomin theory states that “genes make us who we are by influencing how we interact with the world around us, driving the way we select, modify and even create our environment”  (Plomin, 2018). Thus, the nature of nurture, the way we interact with our environment is influenced by our genetics. 

BioCertica’s Mindfulness package acts as a tool for you to increase your self-awareness. This kit allows you to be more self-aware of your emotional, mental, and social well-being in your everyday life. We have identified 22 traits that can help you further develop your self-awareness based on your genes. 

Communication is an essential component of an effective workplace. Being aware of your social communication impairment allows you to focus on tactics to improve your methods of interaction. Being mindful of your sociability (extraversion) and potential social challenges, such as attending social or leisure activities, the level of satisfaction experienced with friendship, and your ability to confide in someone will enable you to build and maintain relationships with co-workers and clients.

Being aware of your emotional well-being is important in the workplace to allow for a healthy work environment. Understanding your predisposed level of feeling worried or anxious will allow you to seek out coping mechanisms to enhance your psychological resilience when confronted with situations that trigger these feelings in the workplace.

As a working individual, it is important to be aware of your energy levels. How much rest you are predisposed to require allows you to adjust your daily lifestyle to focus on your sleeping patterns, your diet and/or exercise routine.

Technology and screen time is a part of everyday life. Being aware of how much screen time you’re inclined to allows you to adjust your working schedule to increase your productivity.

BioCertica allows you to increase your self-awareness and apply that knowledge to create a healthier work environment.  For more information on the DNA Mindfulness kit click here.

Written by Lomari Geertsema, MMedSc. Human Molecular Biology




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