Product Update - October 2022

Product Update - October 2022

BioCertica Content Team

At BioCertica we aim to improve our products continuously. In addition to releasing new products, we are committed to ensuring that our current products reflect the most current research. 

Today, we would like to announce the latest product updates related to changes in content and titles of 8 products. 

These updates stem from the need to fully match the product titles and related content to the traits and phenotypes measured during the genome-wide association studies (GWAS) based on which our products are developed. 

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) are the primary source of genetic variants (SNPs) used to develop new products and estimate relative genetic risk. Therefore, we will reference the corresponding study for each change we made in the text below. For more information regarding genome-wide association studies, please check our blog post here

Let’s explain the reasoning for these updates by going through one of the examples. For example, in the case of the Typical sleeping habits product, we estimate the relative genetic predisposition for specific sleeping habits. Sleeping habits can be measured using different phenotypes that can serve as an indication of sleeping habits. The study we used for this product uses chronotype measurement to determine the type of your body's biological clock, which is just one of the phenotypes used to measure sleeping habits. 

Below are the following updates to fully match product titles to the phenotype measured in GWAS studies:

    1. DNA Skincare: The current product, Skin glycation, changed its name to the Advanced glycation end product. Please check the original study here.
    2. DNA Mental Health: The current product, Typical sleeping habits, changed its name to Chronotype measurement. Please check the original study here.
    3. DNA Fitness: The current product Risk for Achilles tendinopathy changed its name to Risk for tendinopathy. Please check the original study here.
    4. DNA Fitness & DNA Weight management: The current product, Ability to lose weight, changed its name to Body weight loss in chronic disease. Please check the original study here.
    5. DNA Fitness: The current product, Joint injury risk, changed its name to Rheumatoid arthritis joint injury risk. Please check the original study here.
    6. DNA Fitness: The current product, Inflammatory risk after exercise, changed its name to T-peak to T-end interval. Please check the original study here.
    7. DNA Fitness: The current product, Strength, changed its name to Athletic endurance. Please check the original study here.
    8. DNA Mental Health: The current product Dealing with binge drinking changed its name to Alcohol intake. Please check the original study here.
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