Ancestry dataset update - More populations

Ancestry dataset update - More populations

BioCertica Content Team
We have expanded our ancestry dataset, which means we now have more information about populations across all of Africa and Europe, South America, and Asia.
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BioCertica's goal is to continuously increase the size of our reference panel and increase the precision of our ancestry estimates. The current reference panel size grew by 150%. The following populations were either expanded or broken into new ones:


Dai People was expanded into Southeast Asia

South Asia: Indian Origin has been broken into South Asia: Punjabi, South Asia Gujarati, South Asia: Dravidian

Western European was expanded into Western and Northern European

Sardinian was expanded into South European

Oceania Bougainville was expanded into Oceania: Bougainville and Australian 

The following populations have been enriched with additional individuals in the reference panel: 

West African, Dardic Origin, Middle Eastern, Caucasus

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