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Why less is more

With BioCertica, you can easily personalize the content of your webpage to the needs of your users.

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Faced with thousands of offers daily, the average online shopper is in a permanent paradox of choice, often opting out of the purchase altogether.

Integrate Sign in with BioCertica to hyperpersonalize your offer to each buyer's genetic needs.

It's fast

Allow users to register to your page with their existing BioIDs, minimizing onboarding costs.

It's easy

Install Sign in with BioCertica with one click.

It protects your client privacy

All data exchange is user-driven and consensual.

How does it work?

Step 1

Integrate Sign in with BioCertica

This will create a BioCertica Sign in button on your home page, where BioCertica users will effortlessly sign in to your website using our Single Sign-On technology. This action will automatically share certain predefined information and biological markers with your site on a consent-driven model.

Step 2


Clients with existing BioIDs use the Sign in with BioCertica button on your website to log into your storefront; BioCertica uses bespoke genetic algorithms to match the client's biological predispositions with your predefined product list, whereafter being directed to the best product or service fit on your page. From here, the client will follow your normal checkout procedure and merchant processing process, and our job is done.

Users can easily get personalized recommendations by clicking on Sign in with BioCertica button on your web.

This enables the consensual data exchange between the user and your service, easily populating your page with recommendations that fit the user.

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