What it takes to build a scientifically proven Polygenic Risk Scoring model.

Organisations often only see what's above the fold, but tend to forget what's below the fold.

Similar with building a scientifically proven PRS model, there are tons of things to consider before making such a substantial investment.

Build vs. Buy?

Building a scientifically proven PRS model from scratch is a daunting task that takes time, investment, and expertise.

To build a PRS engine from scratch you require 30 months and an experienced team of computational geneticists, researchers, senior software developers, data engineers, data scientists to name a few positions.

Investment required to build a PRS engine.

Assembling a skilled team is one part of the puzzle, executing on the strategy, acquiring the data, building the infrastructure, maintaining users' private data is all part of the considerations that need to be made.

With such a skilled team your investment could easily add up to $8M, which is not just a significant investment, but it also puts you back roughly 2 years before you start acquiring data.

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