DNA Paternity Testing

What is a DNA Paternity Test? 

DNA paternity test is nearly 100% accurate for examining and determining fatherhood. People are doing paternity tests for several reasons nowadays, such as for gaining legal rights to support their child, child custody, and inheritance or to identify potential links to underlying genetic conditions affecting the father's or child's health. However, if taken for legal reasons, paternity tests must be performed in a medical setting. Otherwise, DNA paternity tests can be bought online or at the drugstore and used at home.

The main methodology behind the DNA paternity test is to look for genetic matches between a child and a potential father, where every match confirms paternity. Also,  paternity tests can be performed during pregnancy as different methods such as amniocentesis, noninvasive prenatal paternity test, and chorionic villus sampling can be used to obtain a DNA sample from the child within the mother's womb and compare it with the DNA of the potential father.

BioCartica DNA Paternity Test

BioCertica Paternity Test

Recently we received a lot of inquiries about whether we offer DNA paternity tests, as they seem to be very popular and in high demand. However, although we are not offering such a test now, we are happy to see that our team is investing enormous efforts to include DNA paternity tests in our store soon. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can try our DNA Ancestry test and unlock your origin and history based on your genetic makeup. 

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