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Waking Up with Ease: Genetics and Morning Motivation

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Waking Up with Ease: The Role of Genetics

How easy people subjectively find it to get up in the morning, or "waking up with ease", depends on many factors, including your genetic makeup!

In addition to our genetic inclination, our quality and quantity of sleep greatly determine how begrudgingly we get out of bed. Our nutritional status and physical and mental health also influence our morning energy and motivation levels.

The Power of Motivation in Waking Up with Ease

Having a reason to get up in the morning and daily motivation to live life to the full makes waking up with ease and going much more effortless. At the same time, sometimes the motivation may be there, but our physical energy levels and power aren’t.

If you are someone that particularly hates your alarm clock and might need more than one, it can be hard to be on time in the mornings. There are a few things you could consider to help make waking up with ease better.

Lifestyle Adjustments for Easier Mornings

First, getting adequate amounts of quality sleep is crucial. Ensure you get to bed early enough, preferably at the same time every night. Also, ensure your room is dark, cool, quiet, and comfortable. Refrain from alcohol, caffeine, or large meals in the hours preceding bedtime.

Your diet is another essential consideration. Without proper nutrition, your hormone levels and cycles may not be as they should be. This may influence sleep and energy, affecting your chances of waking up with ease. Specific nutrients are also essential for energy production and for all your physiological processes to function properly.

Regular exercise and managing your stress levels can significantly improve your sleep and energy. Taking care of your mental well-being also boosts motivation to start the day.

Small things changed or added to your morning routine will also help put the jump in your step. Put together an energising playlist of your favourite music for when you wake up. Step straight into the shower when you get up. Open up the curtains as soon as there is natural light outside. Have the extra alarms on standby, but try to wake up with ease at the sound of the first one.

Genetics and Your Morning Routine

BioCertica has genetic tests to help you determine how easily you could expect to get up in the mornings, whether you are a morning or an evening person, or which nutrients you may need more of. This information could help you adjust your lifestyle to allow you to function at your best.

It is always beneficial to know whether your body is functioning as it is likely to according to your natural physiology as determined by your genes or whether your lifestyle has the greatest influence on your functioning.

If no lifestyle changes help you in waking up with ease in the mornings, and your quality of life or performance suffers, medical professionals may need further testing and intervention. Allow BioCertica to help you determine which aspects of your lifestyle could improve. Don’t hesitate to do all it takes to make the best of your life.

Finally, you can try out our DNA Mindfulness pacakge to explore your genetic predisposition for this and many more related traits.




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