Now you can learn from your DNA to improve your lifestyle and understand how your genetics influence your Nutrition, Well-being and Fitness potential.

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Healthy ageing starts by understanding your DNA

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Ensure you help your child reach their full potential

Help your child embrace their strengths by working with their DNA. Make choosing a sport easier, and ensure their growing bodies are given the proper nutrition tailored to their DNA to avoid development of nutrient deficiencies or development stunting.

Picture this: you were an avid marathon runner while your husband was an A-team rugby player, the strongest in the scrum.

So what does this mean for your child? Will they be a more natural power, speed, or endurance-type athlete? If they choose the wrong sport, they might miss out on attaining their full potential and be set up for failure.

Even if your child does not have specific sport potential, their genes still determine how vital which type of exercise is for them for developmental and future health purposes. The same goes for adults - find out what exercise is crucial to invest in to ensure you stay healthy for your children and grandchildren.

Significant clues as to where your child’s potential lies and what their (and your) exercise and nutrition needs are, are found in DNA. The sooner you unlock your genetic knowledge, the sooner you can embrace it and live according to your true self.

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Why choose BioCertica?

BioCertica is the first African-based Direct-to-Consumer genetics company to introduce cutting-edge Polygenic Risk Scoring (PRS) methodology to generate DNA test results. 

It's like watching TV in HD to watching in 4K - we now test over 40 000 genetic variations (SNPs) from your DNA to estimate your genetic risk towards certains traits and deseases.

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