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Investigate your Ancestry

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Understanding where your ancestors came from

Scientific evidence shows that people from a particular continent, country, or region show a specific pattern of genetic variations. We have access to the largest DNA database from 20+ populations in the world. Discover your family tree and get an estimate of your origins. 

You can be from different cultures and have personality traits that reflect the people of that origin. For example, you could be 40% South East Asian: Bengali, 30% Northern European, 20% West African, and 10% Finnish. Learn which trait reflects in your personality more and from which origin you’ve inherited it. 

How do we determine Ancestry?

28 Ancestry Groups - where do you fit?

DNA ancestry analysis allows users to unlock their genetic identity and take a look into history through their genes. Our ancestry test compares users DNA to the predefined populations from our reference panel of 28 ancestry groups, and estimates the genetic similarity between the user and any of those 28 ancestry groups.

At BioCertica we use sophisticated and verified methodology to compare users DNA information against our reference population dataset to obtain genetic similarity estimates in the form of percentages shown to our users in the results section. 

Paternal vs Maternal Results

Why BioCertica uses Autosomal DNA to test for Ancestry

We use autosomal DNA - which is the DNA on 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes per one person, meaning the DNA contains combined genetic information from both mother and father. Therefore, our ancestry DNA test covers both lineages and not just paternal or maternal.

For someone to test just one lineage, Y-DNA (for paternal side) or mitochondrial DNA (for maternal side) must be used.

Thus, at BioCertica we arent able to determine your specific paternal OR maternal ancestry, rather your combined ancestry.

Our Testing Methaodology

PRS - The better choice

The more traditionally used method is the single–gene analysis approach which gives information on a few genetic variants at a time. However, complex traits are not determined by a few genetic variants but rather by hundreds to thousands of genetic variants. Therefore, PRS is a more advanced method approach because it takes all of the hundreds to thousands of SNPs that are associated with the trait of interest into account and calculates a single net effect.

To put this simply, the single gene approach is like trying to figure out the picture from a few random pieces of a puzzle, whereas PRS gives you all the pieces of the puzzle put together so you can see the image very clearly.

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